Trainer Paul Curtis Biography

• Certified IFRI Trainer/Evaluator for Narcotics

• Certified USPCA Trainer

• Law Enforcement Officer

• Law enforcement K9 trainer for over 14 years

• Licensed Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) K-9 researcher

• Trained or co-trained more than 150 dogs in the fields of drug detection, explosive detection, accelerant detection, wildlife detection, tracking, evidence search, building search, area search, obedience, tactical obedience, criminal apprehension, agility, search and rescue

• SWAT operator certified

• Certified handler in Patrol, Drug Detection, and Tracking under USPCA, NNDDA, AWD, FDLE, and IFRI

• Trained numerous other teams that have certified Patrol, Drug Detection, Explosive Detection, Cadaver Detection, Wildlife Detection, and Tracking under USPCA, NNDDA, AWD, and IFRI

• Certified and testified as expert in police service dog selection in TN state court

• Served as a key instructor in numerous K9 seminars

• Wrote K9 SOPs for several law enforcement agencies

• Manages a 4 team unit consisting of all multipurpose dogs.

• Inventor of the Canine Odor Recognition Training (C.O.R.T.) System, patent pending

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